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About Sthayin

Sthayin Energy the newly established company at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

It is the company with wide vision of sustainable Development. We, as a Sthayin Energy, are playing an important role in the field of Energy. Based on the prime importance of 3R’s, we are providing a strong solution for Battery malfunctioning and sulphation of batteries.

Sthayin Energy is working in coordination with KAD Industries, the manufacturing partner. We deal in Rejuvenation machines, Battery testing and discharge, battery rejuvenation, battery sales and scrap battery purchase and much more To distribute this Sustainable Development Technology all over India Sthayin Energy has started working on war footing.

Our organization is steered by a highly motivated team with numerous years of valuable experience in Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics market segments in Asia pacific. we feel honored in presenting this exceptional and verified technology in reducing waste and increasing efficiency of all electromechanical instruments.


- Our Mission -


Revive your old and used batteries with a battery reconditioner. Sulfation of lead-acid batteries is the main reason for capacity loss and battery malfunctioning. With our unique battery reconditioning technology, you can now offer a second life to your batteries.

- Our Vission -

Battery malfunctions?

With our battery monitoring systems, we can detect faulty cells in no time, allowing you to replace these immediately and prevent energy loss. Thermal imaging cameras, hydrometers, multimeters, battery monitoring systems, dischargers.

Suffering from sulphation?

Meet our battery rejuvenation machine and breathe new life into your sulphated batteries!

More energy is needed to charge and the temperature of the battery rises, which reduces the battery life. ... Our battery reconditioner removes lead sulfate by the electrical high-frequency pulsation process. Battery reconditioning is also called battery regeneration or battery desulfation.


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